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Aktuelle Landtagsprojekte 2015/2016

Europa Parlament: 3.-7. Februar 2014

Political Group

Deutscher Bundestag: 8.-12. September 2014

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Über 40 aktive Wikipedianer haben 5 Tage im Bundestag gearbeitet
  • Ja (97 von 631 = 15 %)
  • Verbessern (317 von 631 = 50 %)
  • Lizenz unklar (13 von 631 = 2 %)
  • Nein (204 von 631 = 32 %)

European Parliament 2017


Wiki loves Parliaments

Since 2009 Wikipedians have been visiting German and Austrian State Parliaments and the European Parliament to take photographs of their members. They have been made available under a free license on Wikimedia Commons (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wiki_loves_parliaments). They can be used in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects but also outside of Wikipedia - in compliance with the license conditions - for example by the Members of Parliament themselves. 23 such projects have been organised to date with thousands of pictures having been taken. After being discussed in the conference of German State Parliament directors, every parliament invited Wikipedia to visit and we have recently begun to take video statements from officials. We would like to continue with this success and spread our activity to other countries. If you own a camera or love democracy and think that Wikipedia should have articles on the people that represent you then please join us!

Landtagswahlen 2016


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